At 11pm, June 29th, an encounter occurred.

Electricity meets it’s own kind, thunder at Oakland Hall, College Park, University of Maryland.

Resulting in a night full of eloquence.

As the light begins to flicker, I begin to wonder.
Luminous spheres reduced the a void of dark.
Oakland Hall’s noise level becomes a heartbeat.
Each waiting for the key words to echo down the hall.
Freights of the wet, moist areas that may remain and
The terror of iPhone-less nights.
I move; fumbling through a personal maze.
Subsequent movements murdering my cells.
The energy flows from outside,
Rushing the molecules of the building.
Reaching the soft comfort and warmth,
Of the rectangular mattress,
My emotions walk throughout the room
And out to mingle.
Frozen inside, my brain wonders.
When will we be out?