My year end formal is on June 28th. It’s a year end dinner with an unofficial afterparty. Located in a very fancy restaurant, with an equally fancy theme to it.

Amazing event.
I wish I could attend.

The last day of school is the first day I will be away. For a trip to U of Maryland. 5 days. 5 nights. An midnight flight there and a midnight flight back. Would be amazing if the last day of school was not the 28th.

I’m sad.

I would be okay with it a bit more if it was an actual vacation, with the full time there dedicated to exploring Washington D.C, but it’s not.

It’s a course. A program. A lesson.

That should have been last year.

Planned before November, this was the half-hearted compensation that we got.

Before November.
Before World Music.
Before Extended Essay.
Before Spring Fling.
Before the teacher strike.
Before Formal.

An amazing event.
I wish I could attend.