Oh my, it does.

Trust me.

Today was the first day back to school after a two week long spring break (I don’t count the 5 day long weekend due to the strike and what not).

Usual day, Chem being isn’t good old chem, and French being it’s good old hard to understand anything because there’s no subtitles in lif- Oh wait. There is. You just have to watch a french movie, and then your life will have subtitles. Only for the duration of the film though.

Math was rather unpleasant. Some things just don’t go your way. And sometimes you’ve got to make possible life-altering choices. And sometimes you just don’t want to deal with them.

But before this rather unpleasant math class began, I chatted with a friend about something we ordered that was taking it’s time to arrive from Toronto, or wherever it was being shipped from. I complained that it’s taking it’s darn time in a kinda roundabout way, all the while making references (which apparently were pretty bad, considering they didn’t understand at all) towards the thing we ordered.

That just showed me how bad my communication is after a good two weeks of being basically sitting in front of my computer and pressing >>^z all day (to anyone who doesn’t play Elsword, that was an Elsword reference, and you should play). Pretty much a lack of contact with the outside world. A lot of sleep addiction was gained, and there goes all hope I ever had of being able to sleep 10 minutes and going through a day perfectly fine.

After school, I came home.

My parents came home about 3 hours after, opening the mailbox and revealing that I had got mail.

I was quite surprised. I never get mail. (this is not a challenge) So when I saw the cover, and realized that “Oh crap, I forgot we were using my address” (my parents don’t approve of most things, using money is one of them). After somehow convincing them it was the Square Enix CD for FF10 (which never came, by the way. Damn Square Enix and their lying ‘gifts’), I glee-fully opened it to discover the small dents and damages that could be found all over the place. On the box, on the CDs (both front and back) and on the letter it came in (my mailman/woman decided it would be nice to leave it out in the rain). I have yet to listen/watch any of the contents on the 2 CDs, and will be waiting for tomorrow to decide what to do with these with my friend.

Oh, it came with stickers too.







Gunnarolla, you know how to tempt me.

And damn you for it.