Welcome to Stanley Park, the border between city and nature.

I love nature.

It’s amazing – to me at least.

Beautiful, lovely, amusing, rare, shameful, sad, angry, appreciative.

I dislike the city, or at least I used to.

Urbanization of land involves the removal of some or all of the nature that resides in the area being urbanized. It pains me to see it.

But I guess it is necessary, to some degree. Removing the natural environment for the stone cold towering rectangular prisms we place there, with a tree seldom visible.

But recently I was just walking down Granville street by myself and I felt… peaceful.

I didn’t understand the feeling then, and I don’t understand it now.

It was a feeling of comfort, comfort walking on the graveside of countless trees, represented by the pitiful attempt to keep some intact constantly at my side.

I don’t know.

I began to think “Gee, this is nice.”

“I guess this is how life will be mainly after secondary. Walking from university, walking from work, walking from place to place everyday for everything.”

I think the reality of being ‘mature’ is hitting me slowly, but painfully.

The joy of maturity, enjoying things you don’t enjoy.