Picture has a * (note) at the end.

Is a foreign concept to me.

How does one even decide who their best friend is? Puzzles me. How can you even arbitrarily choose one of many friends as the ‘best’ one?

Objective decisions are impossible, with bias being just as impossible to remove.

Do you choose the friend that you spend time with at school the most?
The one you work the best with?
The one you converse the longest?
The one that you feel you can trust?
The one that you tell secrets? (Because you know they won’t tell [reasons for such are too varied to list])
The one you find it’s the most fun to be around?
The one you’ve known the longest?
The one you know the best?
The one that knows you the best?
The one that tells you secrets?
The one that trusts you?

Reality isn’t as clear-cut as movies/books/other works of fiction depict.

Where the main character (you) has that one friend that you do everything with, because in reality you know that you don’t do everything with just one person.

You have a variety of friends, each fulfilling different roles. How can you just decide that one of them is better than another?

How does the friend feel about such a label? How do the others?

What do you do when you’re the only one that feels like that? When they have someone else that they consider a ‘best friend’?

What do you do if you become completely reliant on that one friend being there, that when they’re gone, your life is flipped upside down?

I don’t want to be reliant on anyone. It’s more about the feeling of security. If you rely on one person for most, if not all, things, how are you going to manage when they leave?

Too many questions for me to even bother, this is why I hate being a social creature.

*Didn’t ask anyone for permission. :3