Or as other people like to call it, Valentines day.

I’m sorry but, Valentines day is one of my most disliked ‘holidays’ of the year.

It’s not the dislike where I forget about it like Easter.

Or the dislike because I’m not able to participate in it like Halloween.

But the form of dislike where I think the entire thing is a darn joke.

Welcome to February 14th (although I’m an hour past that), Valentine’s day. A day named after Saint Valentine(us), a Christian (?) that was martyred. The reasons for it are numerous, and I shall only go over the one I’ve heard of.

During the reign of Claudius II, the emperor decided to outlaw marriages because single men were better soliders than husbands (sadly, quite true). Saint Valentine(us), being the saint he was (oh yay, a pun), continued to marry people until he was discovered, and then promptly ‘disposed’ with.

There’s another version about Saint Valentine(us) helping people escape harsh Roman prisons and then fell in love with a young girl to whom he always ended his letters with “From your Valentine”. Which frankly sounds like a wonderful way to end letters if your name was Valentine(us). Although the frequent remarks about it in comparison with Valentine’s Day might offset such a benefit.

But then, welcome to the 21st century (although the 20th century was also guilty of this) where we could care less about a Christian who was martyred, all we want are the roses, cards, cinnamon hearts (I actually enjoyed those), chocolate hearts and spending time with your significant other because the day dictated it to be.

It seems more of some capitalist, government secret plot in order to sell those cheesy heart shaped chocolates, cards that no one buys (because really, how many times do you buy a card that says “I love you” or the like?) and sell disgusting candy in the spirit of the holiday.

But what bothers me the most is the fact that you are required to, on this day, do something with your significant other, unless you’re being friend zone’d (such a thing doesn’t exist). What part of it does it require you to act lovey dovey on the one, single day? What about the other 364(365 if it’s a leap year like this year) days? Do they get no love? If you really are in love with someone enough to drag yourself through this annual event which only part of the populous can celebrate, then why are you only showing such a dedication today? Why not yesterday? Or the day before yesterday? Or tomorrow? Or another other damned day in the year? If you appreciate them, you should be damned if you aren’t already doing such ‘Valentine’s Day’ event with them every, single day.

People who think that if they do something romantic/special/nice only on this one, single, poor excused for a holiday day to prove their ‘undying’ (just like a zombie, I’d say) love for another.

It makes me want to flip a table.


I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Table flipping is the most stress relieving activity in the world.

So long Valentine’s day. I pray you come back tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

Come everyday, including Valentine’s day itself.

Don’t be discriminatory towards the other months, they need that ‘love’ too.