A certain friend complained about my sudden wacky posting schedule.

I’m guessing one post a week is too little, but I really have nothing interesting to type up.

Until today!

Chinese New Year is still in full blow here. As far as my dad’s colleagues are concerned, as long as it’s within the week, it’s logical to party all night long.

We went to someone’s house (whom I’m sure was very eager to let in 15 or so rowdy middle-aged adults and 4 of us teens inside) and had a dinner.

Due to me not knowing a single face there, and it wasn’t because I don’t remember them, but because I have honestly never met them before, I stayed in my corner by myself.

This lasted all the way up to the point where the host decided it was time to let loose some stress via Playstation Move’s Hack ‘n Slash game that was part of a game called Playstation Sports (Or something along those lines).

Let me tell you something.

I own a wii and am an avid gamer, so when they put me up against my dad, I was confident I was going win.

But I didn’t.

The sudden change from a 135cm tall girl playing to a 185cm teenager is not something the Move can calibrate without spending another 3 minutes redoing calibrations.

This crushing below to my psyche had me think about how Sony’s games are designed, and more importantly who they are designed for.

My first thought went to Nintendo, for I mainly own Nintendo branded consoles and handhelds.

Nintendo with it’s Legend of Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Sonic (although he’s Sega) and others (like Scribblenauts and Ace Attorney) are all games that seem to appeal to everyone (other than Ace Attorney with it’s relatively more mature content in comparison with the others).

Microsoft and it’s Xbox 360 reminds me of more… mature content (bloody, gore, adult content, and whatnot). Games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion are all what I would call, bloody First Person Shooters games that are not meant for the faint of heart (other than Oblivion, it’s the odd one out). Thus, being the game console that appeals to older audiences.

Then I stumbled upon Sony. Being reminded of Okami, Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto, I was unable to really come to a conclusion on where it stands. It has the bloody first person shooter games (Call of Duty being the obvious choice) , as well as the family friendly games (Okami being my choice). Then it also has those unique and creative titles (Uncharted, I would say is one).

I would discuss the multiplayer aspect of them, but really I don’t know much about multiplayer or Major League Gaming with them. All I do know is that Wii has basically no multiplayer/MLG games while PS3 and Xbox 360 dominate there (not including computers here).

Maybe I’ll learn more about Sony whenever I decide to purchase that NGP- excuse me, I meant PS Vita, that I plan to buy sometime in the future. The PSP is already lonely with it’s huge library of 3 games (I own 4 or 5, but for some reason I can’t actually bring myself to finish a single PSP game, while I finish games on the DS/Wii in days).

Side note, I have no clue what to post anymore. I used to just type up something and press publish, but now I find myself looking over what I’ve typed and just cutting that post completely. Transitional phase? No clue.