It’s been a while since I posted. My Crime and Punishment hast kept me occupied.

Slightly disappointed in myself when I realized my presentation was more contextual/biographical than literary analysis.


Badly lit sidewalks filled the town. It was like the plague, only it effected light. Derived of light, it was hard to see much, even within your own arm’s reach.

“Stop it!”

Amongst the darken town, a sole room had it’s lights lit. Photons flew as far as they could, before coming in contact with the pavement.


A well dressed man, in his posh tuxedo with his equally opulent pants.

“I’ve had enough of you and your ways!”

Thunderous clicks and clacks ensue. The pink frilly dress fails to protect her from a certain parasite – cold.


Decibels of sounds ebbed out from the doors, increasing  at an exponential rate.

A flash.

Particles reflected from the Rolex watched the man donned. The beam revealed the visible spectrum, and only let a certain amount. The surrounding darkened colours dismayed at thier inability to show their potential.


The steam condensed, returning into water. Quickly, the glacial wind solidified the recently acquired liquid. Immobile, cold and hard. Each a trait the old man exhibited.

A turn.

A stranded newspaper pinned against the wall. By chance, light seemed to illuminate it with just enough time for him to catch the title. “Neutrinos are Faster than Light?” A new revelation in science, but a pointless statement to him.

The hassle of an old man, trying to determine his child’s future.