Two more paths done! I think I’ll take a break and actually focus on school work before going through Rin and Shizune’s path.

I’m slightly depressed that Misha doesn’t have a path. Only slightly.

This may or may not contain spoilers.


First, Hanako.

I do like the shy girls. They are more reserved, and the feeling when you become close enough for them to share secrets with you is quite a great one. Maybe it’s because I am shy myself, that I enjoy having people open up to me. It’s like the feeling of success you get when a well laid plan comes together mixed with the feeling of comfort when in the presence of loved ones. I still don’t think that explains it well. One of the few times (actually, that’s a lie) that I wish I were a linguist of some sort.

Her scars… I never really actually cared for them much. After a while, it just became a feature of hers that was quite interesting and at some times, even complimented her ‘shy’ persona.

I can relate to her shyness, even though mine isn’t even close to the same reason. Being isolated and bullied due to her scarring, Hanako develops a distrust for people. All the characters in Katawa are so…. relatable for me. It’s slightly depressing that I can relate myself to what effectively are ‘disabled’ people. Yet the game never really stresses the fact that they are disabled and thus require extra help. Sure, the school does have a Nurse (that’s actually male) and his medical team supervising the school constantly, but the story plays as if they were all normal, regular people. Of course there is also the occasional mention of their disability and sometimes that disability being a huge part of the plot for their path (see Hanako), but it doesn’t stress the fact that their lives are horrible due to it. Emi might not have legs, but she still runs as a Track & Field club member, and is quite a successful one at that. Hanako’s scars does make other people treat her differently, but she still lives life no differently than most.

That fact was really stressed in Lilly’s (double L’s, I didn’t notice until around half way into her path…. slightly saddening) story.  Being born blind (the story never explicitly says this, but I would assume so) and into what seems to be a noble or at least wealthy family, she has to appear ‘perfect’. Being blind is a severe disability when it comes to appearance. Yet in many scenes, the text states something akin to “Even if you were sitting right beside her, it was almost impossible to tell that she was blind”. What kind of training does one do in order to appear in such a way? I myself have tried to navigate myself through my mouse with a blindfold on. That resulted in a few scrapped knees, and a cut.

I find Lilly more similar to me than Hanako. Her problem was that she constantly worries. Which made is extremely hard to choose the correct response… I worry. I worry quite a bit, actually. Worry about what I do, and how that affects others around me. How that changes the opinions of others around me. How that changes my opinion of myself.

Katawa is quite a good story.