That means back to my irregular posting schedule! I feel kind of dejected going back into that schedule though, I always find peace and enjoyment from blogging.

But some peace and quiet is just what I need right now, isn’t it?


Recently a friend shared some information about a visual novel.

It’s called Katawa Shoujo. (Link here)

It has the most interesting backstory for a Visual Novel I’ve ever heard.

The brief summary is that they started over at and it eventually became a group of people working on this project over a span of 5 years! They all lived in different parts of the world, which means the internet brought them together! Score one for the internet.

But really, the game’s development story makes me think of all the great things the internet can achieve, one of which includes delaying my bed time, haha.

The game has it’s own interesting story. I haven’t heard of a visual novel in which the characters are all disabled people. At first, the idea of going after amputees and disabled people seemed… ‘far-fetched’ to me. But after a bit of the story, they all seem like normal people. I guess that’s how everyone should be treated – with respect. This is going to be hard to fulfill my New Years Resolution, I can’t even fulfill it on 2D characters!

I really suggest you try and play it, I’m 2 hours in and I’m already engrossed.

The download says “Do not download this content if you are not 18 years old or over”, but rules were meant to be broken right? And I checked the options, there’s an option to turn off adult content. A nice addition, quite thoughtful.

Instead of finishing Bastion and/or my first artwork in ages, I guess Katawa Shoujo will keep me company.