Has an incredibly interesting story.

Well, to me at least. It might be because of personal affairs, but really it is.

Only Emi’s route though. I haven’t played the rest of them to really be sure. : )

If you feel like playing this game, and prefer not to have some parts spoiled… I suggest not reading this blog.

My first thoughts when reading the character descriptions, was that Emi was the outgoing girl that is clumsy or not so academically successful. More of the sports kind, really.

The fact that the story is about disabled people makes me think that the setting is perfect for emotionally intense moments. Also especially great for many plot turns or things you do not really expect. Maybe it is because I haven’t played many visual novels, but Emi’s story seems to be quite unique to me.

Other than the fact that the character’s name is the same as a classmate’s nickname, and that it’s kinda awkward because the name Emi makes me think of the person and not the character. That habit stops becoming frequent after about the 4th hour of the game. I’m at 6:46 right now.

The combination of the main character and the heroine (one of them, at least) traits… seem to embody me. The girl’s unwillingness that let anyone close, for the fear of losing them. She has a legitimate reason for doing so, while I do not. If I do, I have yet to find it. Her wish to move on, and think about it as “Well, we had fun during that time” is completely reminiscent of someone. Maybe this game should’ve come out a week or two earlier. The main character’s fears about the relationship are something I’ve just recently go through, so to me, I can understand all of them 100%. But there was one part I did not understand how he didn’t connect, that Emi’s father died in that car crash.

Honestly, I think the story was much more… well, let’s say…. ‘easy’ or ‘cliche’ as opposed to mine. Though, I must admit mine isn’t that much better in terms of cliche, but I still think it’s worse – though I might be biased.

Though when I went and replayed to get all of the endings, making a bad decision and then fixing it, that was quite well planned. The CG for that is the starting picture, but it isn’t that best one, at least for Emi’s path.

It makes me think if there was a way to save mine. Which, I can and do think of many, but they are useless when the time passes and things aren’t the same. There’s no save and load function in life.

I’m going to go play other character’s paths now, I suspect I’ll end up posting more about Katawa Shoujo, or that Bastion post I’ve been planning for a while.