Thanks to ‘nessa (whom you can find here, here and here).

I appreciate you making me reveal myself more. : <

Rules! (Everything has rules, sigh)

Rules of the Award:
1. Share ten things no one knows about yourself.
2. Pass it to six other bloggers.

So, 10 things again.

I honestly do think I’m going to end up as a book if this keeps up. Open to everyone to read – no fine print.

Okay, let’s start.

1. I’m tougher than I think.

2. I have a sudden burst of happiness and liking for a person when they can see parts of me that I try my best to hide from everyone.

3. It’s not actually a million pieces, maybe somewhere close to 3 or 4. (Inside joke thing. This should count as cheating, shouldn’t it?)

4. I’m more of a talk person than a do person, mainly because the thought of doing such things and allowing other people to see and the possibility of them judging me negatively passed on that is too scary a thing to overcome.

5. I’m trying to change my “I” into an “E”.

6. I lie to fit in – peer pressure is a killer.

7. I think extremely poorly of myself. Everything > Me.

8. I look down at the ground while walking, it’s to make it harder for people to see my face.

9. I dislike people walking behind or in front of me. It makes me paranoid that they’ll jump forward/turn around and kill me.

10. I actually started my blog after seeing my crush start one. Any other reasons I said before were true, just not as important as this one.

11. (since I cheated with #3) I never tell adults/parents anything I really think, I feel like they don’t actually care and they are asking because they feel like they have to ask.

There, that was surprisingly easier than I expected….

Part 2, 6 other bloggers.

I’ve been meaning to give my friend Jish a nomination, but ‘nessa has already beaten me to the punch on that one… I’ll do it anyways. : )

There are many friends who I’d like to nominate, but they’re all private blogs, sigh. Plus, I don’t think they’d appreciate me sharing a link to a place where they find comfort in knowing strangers don’t really see it. Or something of that sort. :/

1. Jishin

Someone I have also been wanting to nominate for a few days is Valentine 2012. :)

2. Valentine2012

3. Throwaway Writings

4. 5. and 6. …. yeah I have no more people to nominate.

I don’t find many blogs I like, or I’m just unlucky whenever I check photography/poetry on ‘Read Blogs’.


I’ve been trying to find a blog that writes short stories, but I’ve had no luck.