So recently I obtained the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I posted about that here (with a very nonsensical title).

In there, I forgot to mention that it has a PLASTIC MOUNT. Holy crap realizing that it was plastic scared the crap out of me. I was going to make it my default lens, as in the one always stuck on the camera, even when in the bag, until I realized that. I don’t want it snapping on me anytime soon. That 3 year warranty doesn’t prevent physical malfunctions. q-q

So, I said I was going to ‘play’ around with it in a few days. A few days ends up being one. : )

Mainly because NLS training did not seem pleasing to me, so might as well.

My lens use to be pretty like this:

But now it looks like this:

(You’ll have to excuse the flashlight in the background, the lamp is still broken and thus the lighting is horrendous, shutter speed turns to like 1 full second, and I’m not getting a tripod out to stabilize it. :/)

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of tape on it, as well as some gray paper.

That paper is suppose to be black, it is actually black, on the inside.

I was trying something I read quite a while ago on DIY Photography. Which was one of my reasons of getting this lens! (No, I didn’t spend 90$ on a lens solely to do this. I wish I did though, that would mean I have enough money to do such a thing.)

The results were…. not as pleasing as theirs.

I screwed up quite a bit. Not realizing the focus pushes outwards was a major flaw there, I had to retape everything to make sure it could focus/unfocus. The pinhole I made was too big, and there was lots of possibility for errors (scientific method, yay!). All in all, nothing went well. Plus the fact that my first shot had a 30 second shutter time ruined it (I was stupid for not realizing it).

The result for the 30 second one actually looks kinda pretty.

If I photoshop/tamper with the black part a bit…. I wonder if I can make it look like a planet? That would be attractive.

After that 30 second screw up, I did a bit of adjusting and came out with a series of pictures, only two of which were actually decent.

Next time I’m using a tripod.

As well as fixing those technical problems.

Or I’ll just purchase this. Forget The Fault In Our Stars (book by John Green), I should just get that instead. Would save me time and effort.

Though I rather have a chance for a Hankangler fish than that…