If you feel headaches, a change in your own behavior, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing, and/or chest pains, please call 911 as long as it is within 72 hours of the event occurring.

Please make sure you talk to me before making your way out. I just want to make sure you’re okay, alright?

Only 2 or so more hours before this 72 hours ends. Then I need to talk to them before making my way out, to make sure I’m alright.

So today was hectic. It was the examination day for NLS Waterpark Option, the second course in a combo course package I was taking over the majority of my winter break. And they said year 1 winter break was actually a break. I’m dead tired from NLS, I can’t even think about things, too tired to focus.

Last week was NLS Pool Option. Probably the most intense out of all the lifeguarding courses I have taken as of yet. Remember when I said WSI was insanely hard for me? This was worse. WSI was mentally stressful since the homework load was huge, more than school homework itself. Having to do both of those while trying to stay in that pseudo-personality was quite demanding on the brain. NLS took that, and brought it to physical as well. The physical standards are hard. I’m glad I did NLS before 2012 rolled around, because on January 1st, 2012, the physical standards for NLS Pool change, they are now longer distances for the Pia, Brick, Spinal and Submerged, as well as time limits. Though I’m pretty sure I satisfied the 2012 criteria too for most, if not all. When I recret though, that’s the standards I’m going to have to pass, ahhhh!

NLS also had me remember my training of Bronze Medallion/Cross back in 2009. Remembering the rolls, carries and procedures was more difficulty than coping with the ever changing procedures for first aid, changing even the ones I learned in SFA (Standard First Aid) during the summer. That’s only 4 months, and they teach differently already. For example, for choking patients it’s no longer ab thrusts until they pop or drop, but ab thrusts and back blows. Even more, the C in ABC’s for CPR is removed, for it is ineffective and instead replaced with a D that goes before A that makes it DAB. D for delicate-spine.

Spinal injuries are the worst, absolute worst! Especially on land, nnnggh, land spinals.

I failed my first tested simulation today due to a spinal procedure. I listened to someone else, instead of listening to myself. It’s possible to do a spinal with only 2 guards, you do not need 3. I wasted time and blew my whistle to get a 3rd guard while the patient was not breathing and thus died. That’s an instant fail.

Allen (my instructor) said that I didn’t belong in the ‘failure’s simulation’, but listening to someone else when you know what they said is wrong is a fail.

Second time around, I aced that simulation. Ran over the procedure for Flat-board spinals in my head while running (I mean, walking with purpose) towards the patient. 3 people, clamp & roll, check breathing, bag ‘n blast if they are not and take your time if they are. We got to CPR, I started compressions and Allen told me to go away.


That was my pass.

Now I have my NLS Pool and Waterpark cards (although these are the temporary ones)! Coupled with the fact that my WSI card came in the mail yesterday, I feel read to take on the world. In another hour or so, that is.

Only LSI (Life Saving Instructor) left, and then I’m set for all the basic requirements to get hired in Richmond and Vancouver! Aw yeah, time to start volunteering.

$22/hour at Watermania sounds like a grand pay for a starter. Maybe I’ll apply right after IB exams next, next year (May 2013!).