The title doesn’t make sense at all, xD.

I really didn’t want to put a boring title sooooo….: D!



On the topic of lens, my glasses (which has lens) case was ruined today.

NLS does more than break glasses, but the case as well. Sigh.

Introducing the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II! Don’t ask me why it’s II, I’ll just assume the predecessor wasn’t as good and canceled. Excuse the things behind and around it, my desk isn’t cleaned (or ever, to be honest). Also you’ll have the excuse the magnitude of noise in the shot, I don’t have good lighting there the only lamp there is now broken.

Notable for it’s small size, no zoom, cheap price, insanely small box, the 50mm f/1.8 is suppose to be an extremely good lens in terms of optics.

















Also it’s pretty.

Everything that it comes with!

It’s also made of plastic, and has a 52mm diameter. Which means if I want a filter for it, I’ll need to get another one, since my other lens are 58mm.

So whats the point of this lens?

No zoom = being forced to be creative.

Also, did I mention it has f/1.8? That’s pretty attractive. If only it was a macro lens, then I wouldn’t have to shell 400-500$ one day on one. x-x


Hope I get some time in the next few days to play with it! In the mean time I have to yell in the mirror again, only this time adding hand signs while looking at a badly drawn bird’s eye view of a pool. Excuse me if you’re actually my neighbour and hear me yelling “NO, NOT THERE! OVER THEREEEEEE!”