It’s boxing day!

Which means waking up early and standing in line.

Or getting completely annoyed at how Best Buy dealt with their boxing day sales, whatever floats your boat.

Before I get to Best Buy, lets just talk about Future Shop for a minute. This is how they deal with their boxing day doorcrashers/deals. They put them in their respective areas (eg: lens go with the cameras, keyboards go with the computers, etc), lock them up and then place the prices all over the cage for buyers to see them. They then place employees around the cage to help with any shoppers with questions. When someone wants to purchase one of the locked up products, they talk to the employee who unlocks it and gives it to them. Then the customer goes along his merry way to look for other items to purchase, or go directly to the cashier to pay.

Then lets see how Best Buy does it.

They have the same thing as Future Shop – for the most part. Caged doorcrashers/deals in their respective areas and employees around them to answer questions. Except for one crucial fact.

They have you purchase it the exact time you obtain the item. It’s like going to the cashier and asking for the things behind the counter.

So everyone quickly lines up to purchase their products and then goes on their merry way to continue shopping (hopefully they still can when waiting in the line takes forever) or leave.

A problem develops here, quite quickly. The length of the line is horrible. Popular sections like the camera, computers and gaming have their lines completely filled, while the actual cashiers have little to no work because everyone is paying at the lines. Then you add in that the registers at the lines are not really designed for handling multiple customers, and takes at least 5 minutes per person.

Say we have 30 people in a line. You line up because you are interested in purchasing a lens that’s 40$ off, 10$ more than it is at Future Shop. 30 x 5 = 90 minutes. That’s one hour and a half of waiting time. During that entire hour you cannot leave your spot, unless you want to start all over again. It means you have to prioritize which item you want. Boxing day at Best Buy is not about who wakes up the earliest to get those deals, but who has enough time to spare to wait those lines out. At 10am, 4 hours after opening, Best Buy still had NEX-5n cameras in stock. Future Shop on the other hand sold out at around 8am, 2 hours prior.

Realistically, the line was about 40 people long, turning 2 corners. Each person/group took on average maybe 5 minutes to ring up their bills. 5*40 = 200. That’s over 3 hours of waiting.

That’s exactly how long I waited. Well, would have if my father hadn’t encountered a co-worker who came late due to being in the computer section line-up. She wanted to buy the 320EX speedlite flash, and we let her take our spot (2 hours of waiting in) on the agreement she would buy the lens for us, since we let her skip 2 hours of lining and 40 other people who many have wanted to purchase that flash too (which I doubt is the case, since it wasn’t even that much of a discount…).

Sigh. At least I got that lens (or will get, tomorrow)

On to more positive news, I think.

….actually, I think this may be tiresome for me to actually finish. Thanks ‘sander. :<

Say hello to the 7×7 Link Award. If there is suppose to be a meaning to the name, please feel free to share it because I am stumped on what it is suppose to be…

Rules: (as always)

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Tell something about yourself that no one else knows.
3. Link to seven of your entries: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, and Most Pride Worthy.
4. Nominate seven other bloggers and notify them.

1. Thanks ‘sander (Bluesander) (this is totally a replacement for your nickname that I can’t use here because of obvious reasons.). I’ll give chocolate another try so you don’t kill the friendship again. :< -tears-

2. If I tell the internet something no one knows, then people will know and it won’t be something that no one knows!
./successfully avoids fulfilling rules.

Just kidding, I’ll do it.

Hmm, I think I cling way to much to the past. Though I think people know/can figure that out, but it’s never something I’ve said directly (I think). I keep everything. Things that aren’t important, things that are barely related to anything important and things that are old and worn out.

I’ve keep a certain paper bag because of what it contained. I keep wrapping paper in that bag because it was mixed with what was contained in that bag.

I keep the plastic bag that contains the instruction manual when you buy something.

I keep the empty cardboard box of the products I buy.

I keep the ribbons from my Elementary school sports days (or did, until I lost them)

I keep homework and notes from previous years because I have the feeling that I might need them again someday, then take the same notes again the next year due to review.

I keep letters, cards and gifts from friends and family even if they serve no purpose (I kept a letter from CollegeBoard because I wanted to remember that I did do an SAT).

The list goes on, but that’s for another day. : )

3. Link 7 blogs. My gosh this is going to be annoying.

I feel like each of the 7 guidelines are compliments, and that totally throws me off because I don’t think anything I post is compliment worthy. It makes linking 7 blogs all the more harder to do.

Most Beautiful Piece

Most Helpful – It’s true, try it!

Most Popular– WordPress tells me it’s my Homepage, then Formspring then About. But those don’t really count (I think) so I’m going with my 4th.

Most Controversial – I actually don’t know what to put here….

Most Surprisingly Successful – By successful, I’m going by the number of views, because I really have no way to judge myself.

Most Underrated – : )

Most Pride Worthy – I still think this is my best shot. :/

4. 7 other bloggers? At least this is more forgiving than the Versatile blogger one with it’s 15 and recent too. : )

Well…. I’ve always wanted to give this person something.


2. Wolfe – He’s too popular/busy to probably respond but… : D

3. Diyyinah – She actually posts things that are more than 200 words (bad habit on my part) and more pictures. That reminds me, I need more pictures.

4. Z – He needs a reason to post more. : )

5. Magzini – Probably won’t post because it’s an art blog….

6. Kweschn! – Good poetry.

7. The Background Story – !
You know you need to follow more blogs on wordpress when you can’t even name 7, and have to go discover new ones on the spot…