I’m going to post this now so I make it on time.


I never expect to receive gifts from my parents now that I’m 16. Heck, I stopped expecting them at 13. I started giving them gifts instead at 13. This year was more… interesting. Jewellery for mother was something that she had plenty off, so it was hard to find something. I ended up with gloves for her. Father was… easier. Usually he is the one that I take ages to think of what to get, but this year I’ve decided on a fountain pen quite early in the year. It just so happens that I’ve already done some research to find a store that sells fountain pens at my price range due to the two weeks where I had a pen craze.

The Vancouver Pen shop has a nice feel, it may only have 0-3 customers in the store at one time, but it doesn’t scare me when I walk in. Usually the idea of being the sole customer in a store with many employees there scares me a bit, because I feel pressure from all of the employees, and that totally screws me up. But instead I walked into a casual and friendly environment, with the employees throwing casual language and listening to the ‘Biebs’, as they called it. While I was busy fanboying over the selection of pens and art pencils/pens they had, two employees were discussing how ‘sexy’ and ‘casual’ certain pens were. I couldn’t help but butt into their conversation and agree that they were. While I am usually quite introverted, the store had a calming and soothing environment. Ended up picking up a Shaeffer pen which I accidentally thought it was a Parker at first.
I digress, my father bought me a pair of headphones. I was surprised, I hadn’t read anything about headphones in quite some time, so the fact that he got the was surprising. Heck, what was more is that he got Sennheiser, which is an expensive (relative to what I have usually) brand to get. The CX680s are usually 95$ ish, which is horrendously expensive. He bought them for 60$, which is still expensive, but thats the price of the CX380s which if I recall have a below average sound performance (audiophile opinion, not general opinion).

But what surprised me the most today was when I got home at around 11pm (an hour before) to an email from WordPress saying I had a comment from Epiphany Art. It was like a ‘Woah what?’ moment. I only recently followed Epiphany, and they have such good poetry that is was a shock. Even more of a shock was reading the comment:

Hey :) , i nominated you for the versatile blogger award :)
Check this out for more information:
Happy Holidays :).

Quite a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the extra gift, Epiphany. :)

It comes with some requirements to do, so lets go!

So the rules are:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

I’ve done 1 already, but it doesn’t hurt to go again. Thanks to Epiphany Art for the nomination. : O

2. 7 things about myself. Ehhh, I do that enough already but…. lets do this again.

1.  I started blogging because I wanted to join in what friends were doing. At that time, I was on Windows Live Spaces, which was closed and transferred all my things to WordPress – which I am thankful for.

2. I’m quite insecure about myself, if it isn’t obvious already.

3. Photography and art are a passion, and something of a guilty pleasure, since I’m taking more math/science courses.

4. I am a fence sitter. No decision is ever made, because I see both sides of the argument and they both seems valid to me.

5. I succumb to peer pressure easily. Although I try not to, most of my decisions are based on what other people around me are doing.

6. I have a secret love for singing. I’m certain it sounds horrible, so I never sing in public where I can be heard.

7. I don’t talk much. Usually when someone says something, a reply in my head is formed immediately, but then as it progresses, I see flaws in it and then delete that response. Thus I just give some default answer which isn’t the best for encouraging conversation.

Ah, time to do 3.

15 more blogs that I recently discovered? Great, this is going to be difficult…

1. Epiphany Art – of course.

2. An Expatirate With a Camera

3. Euan Robertson – Amazing photos!

4. Hello Cluadia

5. My Lifex

6. Hakan Dahlstrom

7. JT in Seoul

8. Sean King

9. Sew Make Believe – I was never one for knitting, but this is amazing!

10. The Line and the Light

Yeah, I can’t make it to 15. I haven’t discovered any blogs recently. :/

4. I shall do just that. :)


Have merry Christmas or a happy holidays! Whatever floats your boat. :)

And Boxing Day is tomorrow! (For us Canadians, that is)