And then I got online, and then that feeling instantly disappeared.

You are truly amazing. I appreciate you so very much.


Today was…. distasteful, to say the least.






I need a more severe and more formal word for ‘annoy’, ‘bother’ and ‘piss off’.

He doesn’t care for….etiquette or manners.

When you are literally shoving your hand full of chips into your mouth, than reaching into the bowl and grabbing another handful….


Attempting to use refined language while chewing is horrible as well.

You don’t push everything on the table aside just to put your own things there without asking.

You also don’t ask to do something, while doing the thing that you asked to do.

One does not lick their fingers, then proceed to use a laptop that does not belong to them.

One does not do something that someone has just told them not to do.

If you insult my parents, and then me (myself, I could care less about) when they are out, and when they are in…. you 100% deserve to get punched in the face.

Guests do not go through the host’s computer and delete files and/or modify them. Even if I know you, you do that are you’re asking to get punched.

You also don’t wipe my Firefox cookies. Even if you do wipe them, wiping the past hour up to the past day is acceptable without me punching you.

Wiping all of them means you have a death wish.

Talking while chewing and leaving crumbs all over the place, then when mentioned they should not do it, one does not respond with “Who cares?” I damn care, I’m asking you to stop it.

One does not treat expensive objects that do not belong to them like worthless material. You don’t throw my laptop that I mention is new and is a gift on the god damn table.

You also don’t take my things and then pretend they were yours all along.

When asked to stop, STOP. Don’t question why the hell anyone would care.

When your work is criticized, that’s not a personal insult, it’s about your work.

When asked a question, you don’t ask another question, insult the person, and ignore them.

If I make a suggestion, you don’t repeat it in a sarcastic tone and then act condescending.

You do not just assume something is true when there is no relationship between them! Just because vegetables have a orange/yellow colour material in it that is broken down to vitamin A, does not mean that you have liver ‘damage’! Please make sense! Even if it doesn’t make sense, please research it before calling the one that actually has researched such things an idiot because they apparently do not understand the rules of the world.

Your job is to make it good, my job is to make it better. You don’t delete everything and then claim I hate you. I might end up hating you because of this, but I’m trying to improve our work.

When you are proven wrong, admit it, and do not act as if you are still right.

You do not bring your face 5 centimeters away from another person. Privacy is important.

One does not act superior when you’re at fault. Don’t pretend that the call never existed if it’s in your blasted call history.

You are not allowed to just stand up and leave because you know you can still come back. Especially when you set up an event to attend during said meeting and come back to the meeting throwing insults at the ones still there.

And finally….

Ones does not come into the host’s house, trash it, complain about it, and then leave screaming insults.

I swear, I could write my nanowrimo only his behavior alone.

That should be my Extended Essay.

Now I’m getting all riled up about it again. I think I’ll go to sleep thinking happier thoughts, and hope no blood is shed tomorrow.