That’s how I feel about a lot of people.

Felt like I just stood up and walked away from them.

Really, I never even said bye.

I don’t keep in touch, I have them on facebook, msn and what not, but what is the point if those contacts are never used?

The sit there, waiting for a day I’d communicate with them.

I feel awkward just double clicking that contact, and typing a greeting before hitting enter.

Even if it’s personal, 1 to 1, or in public view.

I just can’t.

That’s how I feel for people I know not very well, or only through one side of life.


It’s awkward.

I feel like I’ve betrayed them, while not doing anything that would give the implication of betrayal.

Just… grown distant.

Major example, are all of the boys from Elementary school that didn’t go to MY/Pre-IB/IB.

My contact with them dropped right after grade 8.

Maybe it’s ’cause I made that decision at the end of grade 8, successfully cutting that one thread that held so many more.

Now I just feel morbid, cutting threads.

Who gave me the right to govern friendship?

I’m pretty sure friendship is a relationship between two people, not just one.