It’s come so early, I thought it would be much, MUCH later.Maybe I’ll say no.

Maybe I’ll say yes.

Maybe I’ll say something with lots of zest.

Maybe you’ll agree.

Maybe you’ll decline.

Maybe you’ll soon forget me with time.

But it doesn’t matter as you can see,

I don’t mind at all so just let me be.

I won’t conform to your ways,

Nor you to mine.

I’ll pretend this didn’t happen

You’ll pretend that too

And then we can move on soon.

That day didn’t happen

That night was not spent

We can move on without feeling spent.

This is why life is complex

This is why it is unfair

But I can stay still and move without being dared.

I’ll let it end, but only that part

The rest, you’ll have to find out with your heart.

Rhyming is tough stuff.