You are.


Yet at the same thing, quite beneficial, if it wasn’t during Chem, English, and French. :/

It’s pleasant and all… but it’s really, REALLY distracting.

It’s not helping with this no swearing thing, and it’s certainly not helping me in Chem nor French.

And I already barely understand Larouche when it comes to french class, now I don’t even hear him, it just like “Sigh. -daydream-”

And then in Chem, I couldn’t even do Empirical Formulas.

Not the most efficient way to spend my time.

It also happens at home!

Ever since I got home (4:30), I haven’t done much work. It’s just like -open workpages- -daydream-.

I couldn’t even make proper sentences… “I happy the dollar store buy staples dollar cheaper.” <- legit sentence. ._.

I also can’t follow conversation…. I feel horrible not being able to actually converse with someone else. Guilt tripping myself, funfunfunfun!

It’s very randomeepicpokemonbattle-y! (yay inside jokes)

And then comes Psychology, it was probably the most horrible class of it so far. Not because I had presentations, no far from it.
But because of everyone else’s presentation. It felt like it was targeted at me. Not even remotely humorous in the slightest.

I swear. Humour-Love followed up with irrational thinking, then Love does a U-turn to hit me again, and ending with a punch in the face with Sleep.


Even psychology is mocking me now.

Oh how great I feel.


With time, it’ll stop happening, and I’ll be able to actually do work.

But that’s a depressing thought in one sense.

Yet quite beneficial in the other.

This is what they mean by sitting on the fence.

Maybe they should tear down the fence, and put a bench instead.

Then dedicate the bench to “fence sitters”.

Might be a smart move!

















Is everyone gone yet? D:

This Fluttering Moment.


Why is that when I’m finally free
Everything looks bigger than it should be
My heart it pounds in the silence of night
While I hope that everything will end up alright
Your presence is larger than before
It makes stopping myself such a chore
I hear the sounds of that show playing
Sixteen turns to one as I keep praying
I want to tell you my soul is yours
But you’re unsure if you want to open the doors
“Give me a yes!” I beg and cry
“It doesn’t even matter if it is just a lie!”
I just need something to help me move on
To hopefully have you while I hear the church’s gong.





































That was embarrassing. LOL.
Should totally get a new blog, but I’m a ‘risky reactor’, totally enjoying the thrill of the moment.