The first time: 3.

One; first row, second from the right on the stage.

Two; second row, second from the right on the stage.

Three; second row from the bottom, third from the left on the ground.

The second time: 4

One; second row from the bottom, second from the left.

Two; top row, seventh from the right.

Three; top row, second from the right.

Four; second row from top, sixth from the right.

Today, is our Rememberance day Assembly.

I should have put a poppy for the picture. Then again, there aren’t any poppies near by, and I’m not too fascinated with the poppies we get from school. They look fake (they are fake) and very, very unattractive. I’d take a fake rose over a fake poppy any day.

During the assemblies (I went twice), they talked about how Canada has dedicated it’s forces into peace keeping.

I’m sorry, that’s one of the biggest jokes I’ve heard all day.

I’ve already typed something up about this before… so lemme just find it and C+P it.

Here we go:

Maybe you’ll be surprised to find out that Canada has decreased it’s peacekeeping forces significantly over the two decades. in 1991 we had over 1000 peace keeping military personnel, but as on 2006, we have a smashing total of 56.

In a poll, 69% of Canadian consider peacekeeping a defining trait of Canada. That hardly makes any sense right? With only 5% of the troops we had in 1991 deployed across 16 UN peacekeeping missions doesn’t seem to be a defining trait. Even more since 1991 to 2006, the UN has increases their original forces of peacekeepers by 6 times.

Can you still consider peacekeeping a defining trait of Canada anymore? As of now, there are many countries that are far superior when it comes to peacekeeping than us, but how are we still universally known as “peacekeepers”?

SOURCE: This and this. (The latter is not a reliable source yes, but meh.)

Maybe this other response will relate too (I don’t know, it’s been some time since I’ve read it, and don’t want to bother with it..

Can you really say we are concentrating on peace within our own country? Air Canada has already initiated/planned multiple strikes over the past year or two. The threat of teachers going on strike continuously looms over the education system, as well as the job action BC teachers are on. With Prime Minister Harper having one of the most secretive governments in quite a long time, one does not know what is being planned there. The personal usage of military jets (Challenger), the payment of ransom that Harper stated we did not do, and the never ending wave of corruption reports (see here, here and here. Can you even say that Canada is dedicating anything to peace? The new strict crime bill that Harper wants to pass doesn’t show any peace. All is does it lengthen sentences, that’s nowhere close to promoting peace. It doesn’t help victims, reduce gun/illegal drug trafficking or target gang related crimes! The only thing they are trying to employ is a scare tactic that only works on people who aren’t committed to following through with their actions, which is few people.

But seriously, Canada dedicates things to peacekeeping? Great joke, we all like to think that, because Canada used to place great concern for peacekeeping, but that Canada is no more. Now we have Prime Ministers that ditch UN meetings to go to Tim Horton’s because they are too butt-hurt to hear that they are not going to be accepted to the council as a temporary member. Yes, I’m talking about Harper.

We also have a certain minister of finance that won’t tell us much about G20 spending.

But overall, we have useless politicians fighting over worthless things at the wrong damn times. If anyone has listened to the 2011 election debates (English), you would know what I mean.

But at least we are not as bad as Greece.

About to default! Okay, lets make a package to save ourselves, but then hold a referendum in a few more months to actually being implementing it! We could totally bankrupt during that time, but it’s okay. Everything will be fine.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic here. Please bare with it.

Annddddd, I’m done, and too tired to continue.