Things like Me In Media got published!

I’ve made my first, decent signature:It’s not bad, I think. It sure was worth the 5 hours I spent on it though….

I’ve also made my first banner like thing!

Ideas are from C. : )!

Even though the Me in Media thing was a program that wasn’t really publicized, I’m still quite ecstatic to have my photos published (sorta not really)!

I’d love to be published in things. Even if I never do photography. Or art, or anything related to it, really.

Just the feeling…. it’s wonderful.

When Mr. Olson sent the scholarship email, I was super excited! I was really eager to see if I could apply to any of them.

Then I read the description.

It was for people going to certain Universities in certain areas. None of which I plan to pursue.

I’m never going to pursue an art, no matter how much I love them all to death, and dislike the sciences.

The scholastic contest thing, that Bran was entering a while ago… I really wanted to try out for the art/photography sections back then. I was going to lose, no doubt about that, but I would just really like some kind of experience in contests.

Maybe it’s ’cause Mr. Liu set me up for this, having me participate in those competitions, winning one and losing the next.

The Unicef Art Mural thing, I really, REALLY want to win that.

But the requirements… are so… unimaginative. Well, for me that is.

Child, candle, and hope are the thing to be incorporated. It can’t even be in color! That’s disgraceful. Colour is quite literally half of art itself, and more than half of the meaning. Brighter colours, contrasting colours, out of place colours, and all that good stuff – gone.

Really, I don’t see me doing anything interesting for this, and just flat out losing.

I kinda just want to prove I’m not useless at something, that I’m more than just an add-on to fill the spots.

Which I already feel like I am.

But that’s a different issue entirely.

I just ruined a blog that had a slightly positive note, with this. And for that, I’m sorry.