Aka: don’t read it if:
A. You don’t like romance.
B. Your name is either Amanda or  Kerina (LEADING CHARACTERS)
C. You’re not into yuri.
D. You don’t like spoilers.


Note: not based of any real event, so keep your legs shut and read.

As a calm breeze passed, Amanda stared deeply into Kerina’s eyes. Her lips quivered as she thought of what she was about to say. “I-I….” she stumbled. “I must look like a total failure right now.” amanda thought while still staring into Kerina’s vibrant natural green eyes. “The image I put out of being bold, courageous and outspoken, all gone in this moment, how will I ever face her again!” Her face flushed as she continued her thoughts.

Kerina had been staring back at Amanda the entire time. She was eagerly awaiting the words that were to stumble out of her bold friend’s mouth. She had already forseen these events. The breeze flowing through the petals of the sakura blossoms, the grass fresh and tall, these things only pointed to one ending. “It’s alright Amanda, I know,” she whispered into Amanda’s ear.

“W-what?” Amanda questioned. She was in shock. “Does she know? Does she know what I am going to say?” These thoughts polluted her thoughts, leading themselves into an encounter with explicit material. If Amanda’s face before was a shade of red, now it became a bright, prominent red colour, highlighting her fair skin.

“I have to toughen up!” Thought Amanda, “I became an extrovert for this sole reason, I will not mess up here!”  He muscles tightened, then relaxed themselves. The shake and shivers all but stopped, as Amanda walked closer to Kerina, with their eyes locked. With each step, her heart fluttered, imagine the possible outcome. “Kerina… Since that faithful day, I’ve always looked up to you with respect,” Amanda said.

“Amanda, you don’t have to do this…”

“Oh, but I do. You see Kerina, I hav-“

Only mumbling could be heard after that. Kerina’s large hard had completely covered up the small and soft face of her friend. “You don’t have to tell me. I already know,” spoke Kerina. “You see, I have that same emotion for you…”

If one was close enough, they would have heard the gentle thud that came after that moment. Amanda lay on the grass, looking at the green blades swaying contradicting to the intensifying beat of her heart. It was going to happen. Amanda braced herself for what as to be an amazing moment of her life. Her arms outstretched, as it to reach for the limits of life itself, a sheepish smile crept over her cute face, cracking her hardened exterior, revealing a soft and fragile layer inside. “Come to me…” Amanda whimpered, knowing full well of the consequences.

A pause – Kerina could not help but rejoice over how cute her friend was reacting. Giggling to herself, she took upon the dominating role. “As you command, my princess” were the last proper words to float across the sky, hovering above the tree, before finally flying off into the distance.