Holy crap, I feel excited. Even if this thing is absolutely horrid, and there is nothing you can say against it. I’d prefer if you would just agree.So yeah.

Average Monday (aka: disheartening). Sometimes I wonder what so called ‘advances’ or ‘milestones’ we humans have ‘uncovered’. We still all seem like full-fledged idiots, well, at least my generation.

But less pessimism about society, and more about my day.

So yeah, average monday volunteer at Sunrise (senior house).

Until I ask Jill (my supervisor) what to do. She listed out a list (REDUDANCY. WIN) of things I could do when I had no task to do. Then followed up with a right uppercut, “Are you creative?”
First thought: OH GOSH. I GET TO DO ART -squeal-.
Second thought: oh shit I get to do art. -groan-.

You see, 2 polar (don’t pull no bio shit on me here) different thoughts, in consecutive order.

I love art, in all of it’s forms. But you see, when it comes to art I make… it either has to look ‘nice’ (subjective, yes) or have deep meaning, to me.

To have a deep meaning is to bs like heck. To have a ‘nice’ artwork is to spend 40+ hours again.

And instead, I get 2 hours.

You know, 2 hour time limit really kills all the fun and joy out of something.

But being the ‘Yes-man’ I am, I said yes to her question.

NO RESPONSE. Naturally, I began to question if I even said ‘yes’ and instead had imagined the whole entire thing. I would have died a bit inside if it was the latter.

10 minutes later, Jill told me “Okay so, if you want to do art… -more gibberish instructions here-“.

Yeah, I stopped paying attention after the word, art. Can’t believe how much I’ve missed it… I even have like 6 tubes of fresh new acrylic paint, and 2 canvases, but haven’t done jack to them.
Even though I got them 5-6 months ago.

But yeah.

As I feared, a senior house does NOT come well equipped for painting. There were lots of crafting materials, but out of all the arts, crafting/sewing is my least favourite. Crafting as in, here’s a glue gun, some letter blocks, leaves and pompoms, go make me something.

I already agreed, so I couldn’t back out of it.

I torn the backing of the frame to bits.

In pure rage. Rage against myself for not being able to do s–t with crafts.

Then I got an idea.

I saw those weird metal stick things with fuzzy coating over them (their names escape me at the moment) and remembered back to the TV channel “Tree House”.

That craft show that I used to love, some of the things they did there came back to me, prompting me to do stuff with them.

It obviously didn’t turn out anything like I envisioned. I imagined more…. content.

I hope having the words “Live, Love, Laugh.” isn’t morbid. It kind of gives the idea that one should love and laugh as long as one can in their life.
It wouldn’t be a problem anywhere else, if the place wasn’t filled with 60(youngest) to 90(oldest) year old seniors, living their lives by doing nothing.


Jill said it was ‘creative’, but I’m a skeptical little ba—rd, and thought of it as nothing.

Oh yeah, she left before she saw the words.

I wonder how she’ll react to me on Monday.

I can wait for that moment, though.