Sometimes you just have to take the pain, and move on.

I mean, if the signs are telling you to move, then you know you’re just being a kid.I’m learning more and more.

Although, most of the things are common sense.

Don’t expect anything out of people.

Even in the best of places.

I expected better out of the IB kids.

I just assumed, “They’re looking for a challenge (well most of them said that, but I don’t know how much of that was bullshit), yet they don’t do any work for 3 weeks?” I sigh. “Having to finish a project in 1/4 of the allotted time is not a challenge; it is an ultimatum.

I’ve learned now to just not expect things. Except, that now instead of expecting things out of others, I expect others to do nothing, and I’ll just plan around that.

Cough, Psychology.

I realize, that I’ve been quite stupid, as of late.

Expecting things, hoping someone will do work, and praying that luck will come my way.

They won’t. They won’t if I just sit here and beg.

Luck isn’t a randomized boost, it’s a result from dedication.

Now I sound like a preacher.