Are quite damn hard to change.

I dislike most people in my photography class, and I don’t even know them.

I’ve based my judgement around what I hear about them, what I see them do, and how they act.

It’s quite a biased system, where all the ‘jock’-like characters are disliked, and the shy, quiet ones are more approved of.

Everyone has their own set of problems, and their own set of disabilities, my opinion of people only revolves on what they do to others, and not to myself. That might not be the best way to judge someone, but I find it’s better that way than basing it on their actions to you. People sugarcoat the hell out of things, never the best option.

For example, in my IB skit group, there’s a certain girl that told us some horrible (not really horrible, more like shocking and surprising) things about Cherry & Annie. Apparently they weren’t the best of friends back at their old school. It was more like a “Okay, I’m going to befriend ___ now to constrast my horrible attitude”.

I’m not saying any of this is real, but it’s just a scary thought that people whom act pleasant and nice, have such a dark and disappointed side (everyone has one though). The person who told us, though is quite nice and fun. They explained themselves to be a total ‘bitch’ but I find them to be the exact opposite.

Though there are more rumors about them (spread to me through others), I still can’t see that side. I don’t believe in anything until I can see it for myself. I’m the epitome of “seeing is believing”.

And that’s not a good thing.


Another example of me posting drafts from a while ago, written on the 17th.