I already fell.


I appreciate having a horrible impression of people so I wouldn’t. Damn squeah (t’was fun though).

I do finally have a picture tho (Technically this was taken a month ago…)

I wish it wasn’t that overexposed. It’s beautiful with some overexposure, but I put too much. (Self C&C, go figure).

I finally decided to listen to By My Side, and it’s pretty nice. Even though it’s been a good year since it was released. :/

I just want to love you all my life.

Though we all know it’s most likely too early to think of anything.

Damned Gavin. Really he tends to ruin everything… He’s still a good friend, even if I’m that asshole that talks about people behind their backs. Peer pressure sure is magical, hell, it’s not even peer pressure anymore, I give up without before it even starts. That day in psych class hit home for me. “Why are you doing that, he’s nice.”

He is nice.

I’m just an asshole.


And my throat is dry and sore, makes me unable to sing to myself.

I hate getting compliments, especially about things that I don’t even do particularly well. Heck, about anything, really. Since there is always someone who is going to be better than you, you just haven’t found them yet. Or maybe you have, and you just refuse to accept it, since we’re all born into the elitist syndrome.

Jumping somewhere else now (it happens frequently), facebook is a good joke.

Really, half of ye’ peeps I’ve known already, but I don’t do the first exchange. Or the first 10  50 encounters, so to anyone that want to be friends, prepare*.

*It’s not worth the effort.