I can’t handle it yet.

The temptation of joy, laughs, and a life without struggles is much more appealing then grueling torture, restrictions and a schedule that cannot be broken.Yup, gaming is much more interesting than homework. It’s fun, engaging, and social.

Homework is just flat out unappealing.

Gaming sometimes (usually) gets really repetitive, and I don’t do anything.

Homework is not much better.

And then I just end up sitting there, doing nothing.

I browse the web, hoping for time to move faster and faster, end my boredom quickly.

But it doesn’t.

I seems to move slower instead. Wanting to rid me of this boredom, by forcing me to decide.

But I can’t decide.

And just deal with that elongated time, until time gets bored, and moves on.

Leaving me with both an uncompleted homework, and a pixel-elated character with no achievements.