Using the school computer to blog. I’m such a rebel.

Suppose to be making a google site but it’s just so plain and uninteresting compared to Wix or WordPress.
Unless your name is Ed Olson. Then you love everything to do with Google.

Be honestly. Google does have a lot of features one can use. Blogger, Sites, Documents, Google+, Translate, Images, and more.

But none of it is designed to specifically target people. Like Wix targets people who want to incorporate Flash in their website (Flash + public website + google = usually doesn’t work out) and still have search engines like Google and Bing find them. WordPress is just an all-around platform for social media (too much MeinMedia). It works well for blogs (personal or business), photography, and much much more.

Google sites to me is just something the Google team threw together to expand their list of features. I just hit up the Google Products page and see a good 20+ features that one can use for free.

But it’s not catering to any audience other than the fact that it’s connected (albeit loosely) to their gmail and it’s easier to search up on google.

Everything else can be done with other more professional websites.

Google is the middle way, neither one path, or the other.

TOK is about to start.