I’m too lazy and self-conscious of others opinions to actually go outside.

I still forced myself to go out and snap pictures, only limited to where little people go.

First stop, the trees on my street. Felt weird since I walk along this path a lot, and became increasingly paranoid about people watching (for what reason, I would not know).

Then, avoiding my destination at the Elementary school, I took a somewhat long detour to City Hall.

Awkwardly stood below a huge tree and tried my hand at steady hand pictures (NOT A PUN). Not a good idea. :/

Moved Minoru Center, actually I didn’t even get on the same block as it, there’s too many people to make it possible, even if tons of photographers go to the building picture thingy as it’s super artistic.

Instead, crossed the street the the Chinese Volunteer Center place ( I don’t know it’s actually name…) and frolicked in the flowers shot some pictures of the flowers there. Would have gone on the roof of the supposed ‘park’, but again, too scared. :x

I’m noticing all the things I love doing are being stalled by this fact, and it’s pissing me off. But I don’t have the ‘balls’ to actually do something about it. Oh well.

From there, followed the same route back home, all the while finding good possible shots (if I had brought a tri-pod and the telephoto lens) as I walked by. Though I’d never actually take them myself, since it’s beside freakin’ Graville (busy), it’s still nice to see possible shots.

Contemplated the point of playing Elsword if I could have so much fun with the camera and such a shortened trip. Then realized I wouldn’t be able to make friends as fast using a camera, as opposed to online interaction.

For me, being online I don’t feel any ‘shy-ness’. I say my mind (though censored) and tell people to stop being idiots (albeit much nicely put) without caring for their opinions (don’t do this kids, you’re teacher tells you to respect another’s opinion, even if online). The anonymous aspect of the internet is useful for me, though it’s not always as positive for others (online hackers).

[awkward transition back]

I decided to still visit the school, and was surprised with the amount of people there…

I was going to just sit by the tree and take pictures of the kids on the playground, but there was the scary looking lady staring at me the whole time. Thus, I pretended to be a graduate from the school, revisiting the area and remembering the ‘good old times’ (I do this often, I have a lot of practice). Moved on from the school, and headed straight home, while taking pictures of the route back since I knew that the road is usually barren of people.

And I haven’t even went through the pictures yet. Hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow…

I’m such a lazy bum. :/