I’m going to try to have at least a post each week with a picture.

Because no one likes walls of text, especially not a forum lurker -is a lurker-.This setting, is strange.

The week starts on Monday.

I’ve always assumed the a week officially started on Monday, the first day of the week, thus never understanding why calendar weeks start on Sunday.

Monday in Mandarin, quite loosely translated, is “day one”. And since we usually (because some people have a tendency to start counting from zero) count from one, it makes perfect sense to me that the week starts on Monday.

Well, then the setting isn’t that weird is it then? Since the week can start on Monday or Sunday (for people who live off a calendar), but that’s not it.

Apparently, the week can start on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (funfunfunfun!), or Saturday as well!
I’m not hating against people who prefer to have their week start on a day that is not Sunday/Monday, but it’s just strange to me, you know?

I can accept it, there is nothing wrong with having your week start on Thursday, but… it’s strange to me.

Makes me think of the different preferences in food we have. Some like bitter food, while some detest it. It’s a personal preference, but people will go out of their way to avoid people that share different opinions. (This is kinda hypocritical, I know).

Strange, how much these little things matter.