Today, I discovered something. Maybe discover is the wrong word, as one of it’s definitions means “to be the first or observe’, although many more meanings agree with my statement.

If I click ‘Dashboard’, and look at the ‘Stats’ chart, I’ll see this:

A chart graphing that days where I procrastinate the most.The numerical value of views increase when there are more posts available.

More posts, means more time spent on wordpress (not always though).

Whenever I spend time on wordpress, it’s either:

1. I have something on my mind that I need to say somewhere.
2. I am procrastinating.

These days, it’s usually the latter, including now. By typing an interesting blog I have successfully avoided playing violin for another hour (I’ve already gone through 3).

I seem to work best when I’m procrastinating.
Yes, you read that correctly, I work better procrastinating then not.

This is how it works.

When I procrastinate, I try my utmost hardest to avoid the task I should be working on (eg: violin). Thus, my reflex response is to either playing with my camera, or sit in front of the computer. Usually it’s been the computer, the poor camera is being neglected.

And during the time between this line and the line above, I spent a good 3 hours on Minecraft building.

And then between this sentence and the one above it I probably spent 13 hours sleeping/playing at night.

And then between this and the above, I practiced 1.5 hours of violin and did some other stuff.

You see, when I procrastinate, I do something else instead of what I should be doing. And to fool others to think I’m hard at work at something very important (thus excusing me from doing what I should be doing), I work seriously, and furiously at something I should not be doing.

Like if I ever type a blog past 500 words, it becomes quite obvious I’m trying to avoid something.

Like this, my productivity increases when I procrastinate, though just on the wrong thing.

…It seems to me that I’m arguing for Pro-Procrastination, and making procrastination seem better than not (to me though).. weird.