My stupid right&left side won’t agree on the same damned thing. Maybe I should get the middle part (the name escapes me at the moment) removed and do the ‘Delicious&Poisonous’ experiment on myself. Would be extremely interesting to see myself stop myself.

Well, biology 12 is fun.

It’s easy.

And most of all, I’m getting over 90% on it.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten over 90% on something…continuously (YES I’M TALKING TO YOU ACC11 AND YOU 89%).
Wait no, my first progress report was 89%… FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU (7 F’s and 12 U’s).

Well, I’m stuck between spending the next 6 days cramming civics assignments, or just giving up finishing during the summer and asking if it is possible to transfer to the full year course.

So far I’m leaning towards transferring.

Though when I think of those who have yet to done a single assignment and are continuing, I feel like a coward.|
Albeit I already knew I was one. Quite some time ago, at that.


8×8 (QQ, I wanted something more like 6×8) canvas times 3, GET.
Red, white and black acrylic paint, GET.
New acrylic paintbrush, GET.
Some more 0.3mm lead to feed my addiction, GET.
over 45$ spent on paint supplies I won’t use until a long time from now, DONE.

The last statement saddens me.

I want to paint this:

I’ve had that tab pinned on firefox for ages, wanting to draw it sometime.
But life (who am I kidding, it’s just laziness) has prevented me from doing so…so I think I’ll try out my first acrylic painting on that.

Then again, that’s a crap load of white/black/red I’ll be wasting… and blast, why are tubes of acrylic paint like 2-4 times the price of water color? Even the cheapest tube of acrylic is about 7$, while the most expensive watercolor tube is around 9$ (All series 1). Maybe it’s because acrylic is more concentrated, and comes in bigger tubes.

Heh, I feel like I’ve been doing too much left (I think it was left, maybe right) brained stuff. Too much art, not enough logic.

Logic deems that I shall not sleep during the weekends.

I deem logic correct.