With the WORST keyboard in the whole world. The spacebar is broken on one side, so I’m having to force my right hand to use the space bar every time instead of both hands sharing it. ; A ;

The mouse on the other hand, is an improvement from the wireless, but the new mouse isn’t worth the horridness of this keyboard.

The spacebar makes it create like a 100 decibel screeching sound.

B> new keyboardSo yay!

I was about to post the specs of the new computer, but I don’t even know what they are LOL.

Intel Pentium CPU G840, 2.4GHz, 4GB ram, windows 7 (yuck), and and ATI radeon 4670, not bad I guess.

Actually I’m lying, this is much better than before. I’m finally running over 1.8GHz,and got a slight upgrade on the graphics card (i think? I didn’t really know whats the difference between a 4500 and a 4670).

But this keyboard.


I’m going to get a visual keyboard for this now. >_>

And goddamnit windows 7.

I really didn’t want it… I’m kinda scared since windows 7 is the bane of all gaming. ; A ;

I bet my dad new this when he swapped the computers.

Oh lookie, less harddrive space! I guess it’s time to start uninstalling things…. @_@ (i never uninstalled things before).

and better transfer firefox data… and reinstall windows live plus! even though I JUST updated msn. ; A ;

meh, brb personalizing new computer…