It’s like a shit storm came down and tore down the place.



Do you ever feel like you’ve just accomplished something extraordinary (like climbing a huge mountain) and then some shit happens and screws you all over (The wind blew and pushed you off the mountain, gg)?

Well, I haven’t.
You thought I was gonna say ‘I have’ didn’t you? Assumptive bastards.

Selling one way ticket to hell. Returns not applicable until you’ve died. Returns not applicable to the dead.

Well, recently (not recent anymore, maybe like a week?) via Brandon’s blog, I’ve discovered a Scholastic contest thingy (I closed the tab and already forgotten what it is called…), and there have a photography as well as painting and drawing section. (though honestly the paint/drawing section can be one darn thing, but I’m not complaining. : D)

Seems fun. Only, I have no idea when the deadline is LOL. I didn’t find it, and don’t plan to find it anytime soon…

I want to just try out the photography/painting/drawing competition. Obviously I’m not going to win, but it’s a good excuse for me to forget about everything.

Maybe this is a good time to bust out the tri-pod and head to the Oval/Minoru (the building picture things, those are EXTREMELY artistic).

Or finish that pen sketch that I gave up (yes, I quit. QUITTTTTT. Pen is too hard/annoying/frustrating/takes too much concentration). Although the end result is super nice/pretty/adjective for something positive, I, being the lazy and unmotivated person I am, don’t really feel like finishing it, or starting up something new.

Though I have a good idea (i think) for the photography, it requires a model (no, not like a celebrity model, but just someone to be there), as well as it requires my old apartment in Vancouver, because my current house does not have a balcony that can let light in… ; A ; And I don’t have any sort of adjustable lamp to make it work. ; A ;
I think I’ll save that idea for another day. Though really, every idea I have seems to involve a model, and I’m sure as hell I will NEVER ask anyone to be in there…just feels weird. (THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS KAY).

-enter cool transition here-

Anyways, regarding Dragon’s Nest current OBT, I’m hating it. It’s a fun game, beautiful, bright, thrilling storyline (YES, MMORPG WITH A GOOD STORYLINE) and contains a complex yet simple combat system, but the server… is just TERRIBLE!

I mean, it can’t be anything else BUT terrible if they have an unscheduled maintenance that lasts for 5 hours to fix the ‘horrid server issue’ only to have me log on and then get disconnected in about 4 minutes… at the boss…in abyss run…in a group of 4. Seriously? And the server wasn’t even at ‘Full’ yet, it was still ‘Fine’ which is like 2 stages away from ‘full’. >_>

NEXON, I UNDERSTAND YOU’RE A CHEAP ASS COMPANY THAT DOESN’T LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYERS AND THAT DRAGON’S NEST IS ONLY IN OPEN BETA BUT GEEEZ, I’VE NEVER PLAYED AN OPEN BETA GAME WITH THIS MUCH SERVER ISSUES! Maybe it’s just cause there’s like a mabinogi sized community (maybe more, probably more) on a test server. But really, don’t make the event “PLAY 3 DUNGEONS A DAY AND GET TO 24” if you’re servers aren’t going to be able to handle that. @_@

./end rant.

should probably start on civics assignment 3 now.