My name is Kevin, and my limit is x. And slowly, it’ approaches 0.

Good job calculus, you taught me how to demotivate myself with math. I thank you.Really, I can’t stand things in life.

I can’t stand this increasing pressure; from parents, teachers, friends and myself.
It really goes beyond me how the slightest choice affects your entire being, yet a major choice only has you sit and ponder for a while, amazing.

Sometimes just pure stress from a recent project attaches onto my burning anger deep down inside, and then it begins to hurt.
The pain radiates through me, it pulses, like my heart, beating faster and harder every time.
I wonder when I’m going to explode, letting all the products from this reaction free. Hurting others, changing today, and destroying tomorrow.


*forgot to publish all the way back on the 6th of july*