Even in my dreams you’re illogical.

I don’t understand.

I had 2 dreams today, a surprisingly and rare occurance as I barely remember my dreams.

Both of which contained… you.

I don’t get this, why do you act like that? Even in dreams I fail to understand why.
There’s not the tiniest bit of comprehensible data in those actions of yours.

Logical answer to someone making you cry, is to leave. Or be alone, or stay away from them for a while.
Illogical answer is to continue to see the person and cry more.

The hell is this?!

Even in dreams you hurt me. God wouldn’t even know why you do this. It pisses me off.

I’m trying to get away from you, but surely you don’t care and are just focused on doing your own thing.
Because I know someday this is going to hurt, and it’s going to hurt hard.

Better prepare myself for that prearranged meeting with pain; cut some links and move my ass away.