And cried, and cried.

Then I stopped because I couldn’t bear with it anymore.Life sucks.

No, just mine.

My violin teacher thinks I’m a stupid lair.
I do practice those fucking 3 hours a day and I get scolded for not practicing enough. Not my fault that after I adjust to your correction, your correct your correction, and then correct it again back to before, that leaves me fucking confused okay.

My drawing teacher doesn’t realize I exist.
I’m like the person that no one knows exists. It really hurts when you’ve asked for help 10 times in 10 minutes, but he always ‘forgets’.

My math teacher thinks I’m some sort of happy-go-lucky idiot.
It’s not my fault that SOMEONE just so happened to be stupid and not able to tell a correct answer from a incorrect one. And then blurt it out to the class, resulting in me being deemed a failure to understand such ‘basic’ principles. Plus the way he teaches makes no sense, I’m surprised people can get perfect from learning from him. His son teaches better.

My school teachers think I’m some kind of shy quiet kid.
I don’t necessarily mind this, but when it becomes painfully obvious that they’re trying to set you up in situations where you HAVE to talk, it kinda really hurts.

My parents are illogical.
It’s ‘do a, b is stupid’ then they proceed to do b. My mom says she’s done everything for me, and I haven’t helped her with her fucking master’s homework yet. Well, just the other day, I basically created her entire homework, even when I had a test the next day. She chooses things I don’t want to take. Like the NCLS thing that fucked itself up today. I wanted ‘commerce’ it’s somewhere in LA, but that didn’t really matter to me. She decided that I should take ‘leadership’ (god knows I’m not a leader) just because we’re going to Berkeley.

This shit is horrible.

Really, I’m kinda surprised I haven’t cried over this before.

I came back from class, and just sat in my chair, and liquified my table with salty tears.
It’s been ages since I’ve tasted tears. I almost forgot the taste.

Sure, your life may suck, because your parents expect things from you or restrict your play time, but it’s not just you.
It’s not just me either.

We all live in this shithole called ‘home’.

Maybe I’ll just use that ticket to fly to San Fran., and not come back.
die there like a begger, won’t be much different than now.