I haven’t blogged in a while, and honestly, I really didn’t mind being away from this.

That’s kinda funny, being away from my stress reliever wasn’t stressful at all.

So yeah. [TRANSITION!]

I find it weird talking to people.
I know that’s not the right way to express what I want to say, but it’s what sounds best to me.

Its the separation of genders when talking to people that is weird.

Talking a guy couldn’t be much easier, I couldn’t honestly care less what I say/think/do (some exceptions do apply, but barely any). It’s more reactive than proactive, plus it doesn’t seem awkward (unless I barely know them…but then it’s mostly ‘WHAT DO I SAY NOWWWW’).
To a girl, it’s quite different. I feel like I have to think of what I’m going to say, and filter things that I don’t want to say. The results are just horrible. It feels choppy, weird and utterly incoherent. I find it surprisingly that no one asked about what I mean as I can barely understand the context of my sentences.

Something I’ve been noticing.

My priorities are messed up.

In order of importance to my life, the order should be:
Civics 11, violin, bio12, SFA, Camp in the states, everything else.

But what I seem to be following is:
Bio 12, violin, camp, civics, evergthing else.
And yes, I forgot SFA for a reason.

That reason being: SFA is horribly boring, useless and a utter waste of time.

Geez, I don’t even know why. Bio 12 seems so important to me right now, but the difference between a low A and a high A doesn’t really affect me all that much. Heck, the only thing that this course can do to affect me is by failing me. Which, it almost impossible unless I get 0 on all of my following tests. Civics, on the other hand, is much more important since if I don’t pass this shit I’m not going to graduate. Paired with the fact that socials is an outright bore to me (and incredibly difficult), it’s surprisingly I’m not spending 4 hours a day on this. I’m barely even spending 30 minutes a day. I haven’t even finished one assignment yet. My original goal was to finish the timeline yesterday, but I haven’t even started on that yet.


And now I’m at a loss of what to say, I really do need a memo to write down everything that comes to me, wherever I am, sides violin/class in general.