‘Til I get to relive it all.
In AVX3D. How fun.
Though unlike Transformers 3, it’s not going to take 2 hours. It’ll be 5 seconds, at most.

Highly unlikely I’ll enjoy it though. Especially 9 years later. That’s going to be horrible.


You’ve grown over the years . . .:)?
Techy & nice
You’re one of the bestest people alive. Thanks for being there.
You’re milk chocolate that is identified as black when sampled.        <– Mysterious chocolate lover, I would die to find out who you are.
Thanks for answering back. ZOMGing was fun.               <– Answering… back? o_o
Remember when I almost made you fail the GO test?
You’re so quiet! But I know you have a killer sense of humour on the inside.
Blah blah, I’m not that bad at symetry.                       <– Yes, symmetry was spelled wrong.
You ready for next year, buddy? See you soon.
It was fun stealing your DS for Sharon.
An outstanding role model to follow.
Colourful Koumori. Yep, got that right.                  <– Thanks for bring me back a year ago. @_@
You’ve been a great classmate and really funny.
It’s kinda hard to write bad things about you.                <– I thought the point was to write good things? Unless that’s a good thing…. e__e
The world doesn’t revolve around us. Reach for the moon; if you miss, you might get a star.         <– Actually…it’s “Shoot for the moon; if you miss, you’ll become a star.”
You’re beautiful.              <– o______________________________o;;     This comment deserves that many underscores.
My memory . . . was when we had that epic pokemon battle using pokemon whose names would be totally inappropriate to write here.         <– Fun times. Log on msn more pleaseeee!
+ Self esteem             <– *cough* I totally did not write that myself *cough*
You sing like an angel!              <– Your ears must be broken, dear.
Your wittiness always cracks up the class. And you are definitely by far the most sarcastic person I know!
Your ability to surprise me astounds me still.            <– disappoint me*    is what I think you meant.

You got stronger and stronger as the year progressed. I appreciated your willingness to take the risk of a front row seat. Thanks for the things you contributed. – Mr. M      <– Basically he didn’t remember me. . .       ./cries in corner.

Kevin Wang – Kevin you are very squishable and a great pillow, and I only say this because you’re my friend. You’re a great person to lean on when you’re not strong. We all love you Kevin.      <– Freakin’ Allen. Less touching. . . PLEASE.

Wang, Kevin – Although you always take my things during french class ): , it’s alright. Haha. Thanks for helping me with computer stuff that I don’t understand. xD. You’re sarcastic remarks also makes the whole class laugh. (: Enjoy your summer!         <– I think I still have a pencil. But that’s okay. : )!

“I don’t need a girl by my side I don’t need a girl in my life I don’t want to talk it out Or hold her when she cries. I don’t want to say she’s my kind I don’t want to say that she’s mine I don’t want to tell her that I love her more than . More than life, yeah, love her more than life.” DAVID CHOI! I LOVE YOUR TASTE IN MUSIC! Have a fantastic summer!           <– song spamming in SY9/MY9 group… @______@

Wang, Kevin- I love your wittiness, and sarcastic remarks that always crack the whole class up. You’re also pretty good at math, which I constantly wish to be! Being your blog-switch partner was also a… interesting experience. Well, it was certainly different “being in your shoes.” I LOVE your blogs, they are the funniest things ever, and you twisted all my days and put your own touch to it. Even though they were kind of… inappropriate, they were still funny! By the way, I still can’t pass the cat-mario game, it has beaten me (for now!) but one day, when I have more time, I’ll get back to it, and pass it. You will be the first person I tell, ahah! Have a great summer! =)         <– Geezus that was long to type… e____e”   And I was reminded about an unpleasant math test with partners where I completely failed that last question(s). Totally not a good memory. Can’t believe that stuff is in math 12… >_<”

^I would like to find out who wrote the first…26 comments.



Sometimes, I find it quite fun to look back and reminisce the past. That’s only if the past that you’re remember is pleasant, and not completely downright horrid.

Maybe I’ll dig out that grade 7 sheet and bring that one up. &hey, I still have your bookmark; using it for crime&punishment at the minute. If you ever remember, you can have it back.

Too many good times, it’s scary to think I’m losing one of those 30 tomorrow. Last time, last day.

“In 10 years, we’ll all come back older and, god forbid, married” – Wayne.
^That’s one quote I’ll never forget you saying. Also included is “Hey, ash-hole” with accent, and “Of course I was never late, why would I be late? I think it was you that is consistently late.”

Never forget.