And my mother’s birthday.

Go figure.

So yeah.

Today I woke up dreaming (day dreaming?) about something that could never happen (because of the current situation). It was, quite frankly, weird to dream of something you know you cannot obtain; not like you lack the skill, but just that you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I may be an introvert, but I sure as hell like having company. Not company as in having friends/people over at my house, but being in a social group with people I know.
Not like this is anything new to me, but was just a reminder when I was playing Dragon’s Nest Closed Beta, for it was just solo, solo, solo and solo. Since it’s closed beta, the amount of people participating are quite low. Not many people are playing it for the ‘testing’ aspect, but just because they want to reach really really high levels (which is pretty stupid since it’s server wipe right after CB ends).

I really like Dragon’s Nest. It’s fast, fun, and surprisingly un-demanding. It doesn’t require a lot of your time. Playing for 15 minutes a day can easily nab you 3-4 levels a week at levels 10+. Anywhere past 20, I have no idea, since I’m going to cap at 16 then try all the other characters. The amount of skill you need to play is fairly low. There’s a difficulty tab when you begin a dungeon. At the beginning, one only has access to ‘Easy’ and ‘Normal’. But as you finish the dungeon in ‘Normal’ you obtain Hard, and subsequently Master, and Abyssal.

While I’m on the topic of what happened today (which I was not), I literally just sat at my desk and read/watched/played stuff. DN, Els, updated Mabi, The Merchant of Venice, freddiew, tier 3, and other stuff. T’was an uneventful day. Absolutly nothing ‘productive’ was done.And to think I need to memorize 4 pieces by July. fmlfmlfmlfml.

I need to improve my writing style. My casual style (the normal one) isn’t suited for essays. It uses way too many words, beats around the bush, and has no real ‘exquisite’ language or techniques in it. The more bullshit versions (as seen in the two posts before this) take too much time and is not really the best way to express anything. I need a combination of the two. A more laid back, less serious style with more eloquent language and better structure. Less reactive writing, more proactive writing (lolgoprogram).

So today I did what really scared me. Internet stalking. School, facebook, town, family, jobs, everything. I felt like I knew everything but what they look like (FAIL). T’was a scary sight to behold. I was this close to pulling out their IP and finding their address. e_e I feel like a horrible person.