The house was strange. The rooms had no doors, just a rectangular hole instead. There was no second floor, even though the rooms were on the second floor. The door gaps seemed to hover above my reach, as if to taunt me; telling me “You can never reach me!” Yet still, I had the irresistible urge to scale the high wall, and land inside the room. Little did I know, what awaited me beyond that rectangular gap was a bridge. It spanned a good 50 meters, soaring above a rushing river. It was strange. Strange the river was not noticed during my entrance into the building, strange how the sound of the water gushing was never heard. Then again, this entire building was so strange that it belittled details like the water or the river’s existence.

But what was the most enticing part, was my longing to continue, to reach the end.

My conscious kept telling me that she was there. That I had promised to meet her at the spark of twilight. I imagined her sitting in her dark, small, quaint room wearing the same frilled dress from yesterday. I held her in my arms and we cuddled. Her warm radiance shined upon my dull, blemished skin. The mixture of warmth and the cool breeze left a nice impression. The shrill cold with the warmth of love — a perfect yet impossible couple — joined together for their very first time.

I hear the wind blow, louder and louder. It soon reached the point where I thought it might hit me; and it did.

The blade snitched my clothing, tearing the calf region of my pants.

I was startled. Where was the cool gentle breeze that stroked my chin? What happened to the illuminating moonlight that danced in the pond? I paused. It wasn’t time for such petty worries, I needed to move and fast.

Once over the bridge, I saw the light. It was neither god nor the moonlight, but the combined brilliance from thousands of fireflies reflecting off the river’s cool and tranquil water. There was no further path in sight. Yet I strongly believed that the path was right next to me. I placed on foot over the cliff and poked my head out to look around. I saw another rectangular gap to the right of mine.

Is that you…?”

As if in response, I took a mad dash towards the right and jumped out of the gap.

The moonlight danced over the prince’s impulsive decision. The fireflies toned up the effulgence of the sky. Spectators from afar would have saw sudden burst of light, with a dark figure at it’s core, as if all the light originated from that one, daring individual.