Today, we stand here to honor someone very special.

He has tirelessly served, and he has bravely defended. We appreciate his work. His service. It has greatly benefited, not only us, but many others around the globe.

But today, we are not here to divulge his actions, or analysis his findings, but to present our respect to him.

He has brought up the young ones to become presidents. He then goes even further and teaches the president’s children. He awaits the day he teaches the president’s grandchild, then he retires.

Sadly, we are here today to destroy that awaited day of his. Because today will be his last class ever as:

Mr. Nakamoto


No seriously, I literally have no motivation/inspiration to write. Hell, even going outside for photography seems dull and boring too me. Ever since I went past 25 on elsword, my focus is on elsword. Well, to be more correct, ever since I got to chapter 939 of Hajime no Ippo, I transferred focus over to Els. I bet the second I hit 36/40 I’ll just get bored of els all together. By then I’d probably have spent a good 20 dollars getting the ‘cash’ (not really, there are tedious quests to get them, but…it’s tedious) skills and maybe even a costume.

But today, what inspired me to actually bring firefox’s (okay it’s more like my will) lazy ass to wordpress to blog was this:

Props to Brandon for being stalker enough to find it. e_e

ANYWAYS. Naka is retiring. That fact only made itself clear to me on friday. With Gavin and his balloon with Nak’s signature on it. I have to say, I really wanted one too.

./very jelly.

So guise, anyone else jelly that Jish (JV) is now a mod? e_e I’m so jelly, I’m going to do the exact same thing, and see if it works. LOL
Also, I don’t get it why no one trusts me with some sort of ‘power’. Like in Els. No trust with administrator of guild. =w=” Then go back farther a bit to the period of Rene’s forum. No trust as a mod there either. Hell, I don’t think I’ve been given any sort of ‘power’ in any communities. =w=”

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had thoughts on using power. sigh. geez guys take a joke.

Oh and, I want either a F-701 pen (looks like Brandon’s really sexy pencil, only it’s a pen) or a fountain pen made by Schrade. Especially this:

Even if it’s a tactical pen – which i learned today – it’s sexy as hell. e_e

Oh and, someone teach me a new word to replace ‘sexy’ when I discuss objects. Beautiful would work, but it’s kinda…meh, and thesauruses are just horrible, don’t mention them.
Because there are lots of pens/pencils/fountain pens that look super amazing. Geezus. If zebra made a nice fountian pen, I’d go to staples to pick it up. Not because I’m addicted to writing and it’s beautiful counterpart Caligraphy, but more that the pen just looks gorgeous.