Honestly, I don’t think I can follow through with anything.

I promised myself in first term I’d get an A in science and English for final. I’m looking at this right now, and thinking “What went wrong?”
First term was okay, 86%. Chem + Journals, easy stuff. Stuff that when done 5 hours before nets you 86%. I think that made me cocky. Cocky enough to not bother working.
Then second term came along. With it’s analytical essays and physics.
Needless to say, I’m terrible at both. (To be a bit optimistic, I probably only suck at them if I don’t prepare.)
Third term hits it home though. With a comparison essay and biology.
Truth be told, the only science I actually enjoy is chem, everything else is either:
1. Horribly boring/pointless.
2. Doesn’t make sense to me.
And bio is a 1. It doesn’t get me excited, and not being excited about something is a real drag. Makes it feel useless and worthless to do.

But it doesn’t end there.
I have no commitment to gaming either.
My goal was 1 level in Elsword a day.
Yesterday I played on dungeon, thats 10%. Today, I got 30%. thats 40% of the 200% I should have gotten.

Then you can look at this blog.
Last month, my brain was literally full of ideas, and full of inspiration. But this month is different. I feel lazy, unmotivated (when do I not though) and just unwilling.
I had an idea to write about. Easily expandable to a good 300-400 words. But right now, the only thing I can think about is GvG, my inability to commit myself and Hajime no Ippo.

By the way, my lack of commitment doesn’t work on manga reading though. I always get through.
Ippo is no different. Gonna finish that 900+ chapters of blood and violence.

kay night now.