So today I got an e-mail from Aeria telling me to try their new game. It’s currently in Closed Beta, though it’s more like open beta since you don’t really need a beta key or anything to download. It’s called Eden Eternal.

Beginning with the end.

I quit at level 7.

I gameplay was horrid.

Plain, boring, overused and not creative.

The graphics were the same. Plain, dull, no ‘life’, and just static.

Aeria’s other game, Grand Fantasia, looks and feels just like this one, Eden Eternal.

But Grand Fantasia was better because of the brighter and more vivid colours. Eden’s are dull and plain in comparison.

Plus, the gameplay is essentially the same. Only the tutorials are much better in Fantasia, making it easier to understand.

Took me 15 minutes to figure out the hotkeys for basic menus like the inventory, quest list and character. Eden’s hotkeys differ from normal ones because they use both the arrow keys, QWES and the mouse as directional keypad.

It’s boring.

I’m going back to Elsword.