1. What do you like most about winter? Snow, cold, white, insipiration.
2. Do you like the font Century Gothic? hell no.
3. If you could excel at one sport, what would it be? Badminton. Maybe running, for it’s general benefits.
4. Would you ever name an animal after another animal? (For example, naming a dog Badger): Sure.
5. What is your comfort food? Fruits, chips or anything i have at home.. =\
6. Do you like celery with peanut butter on it? I don’t eat celery raw, if I do, it’s not with pb.
7. What are you listening to right now? Hank Green teach me US history. LOL.
8. Do you listen to Nine Inch Nails? hell no.
9. Do you have any rubber ducks? Oui. I bought one for the Langara duck race (ikr) and drew an eyepatch on it! Somehow it’s stuck on the roof though. e_e
10. Ever saved an animal’s life? How? I saved myself (human = mammal = animal  :3) from unnecessary pain (homework).
11. Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle? Charmander. Even though the water-type is always boss. e_e
12. Read any good books lately? On iBooks. Animal Farm.
13. Why aren’t you sleeping right now? ‘Tis only be 9:30pm youngin’.
14. Do you have a favourite pair of undies? …no. e_e
15. Ever buy boxers as a present for someone? No. e_e
16. How many Asians are you friends with? basically 99.9% of my friends are freaking asian. maybe 0.07 are black/brown/etc. and the rest are white. e_e
17. How comfortable is your bed? Sometimes my bed hurts my neck, back, shoulders and arms.
18. Is your parent’s bed bigger than yours? Obviously. Two people > one person. majority of the time.
19. Why am I sitting here making surveys when I could be sleeping? Ask yourself, I’m filling out the survey you made instead of sleeping.
20. Do carrot sticks make a good snack? Because they’re orange
21. Ever seen the movie 21? Nope.
22. Isn’t Michael J. Fox a dreamboat? Not gay sorry.
23. What about The Number 23? Ever see that movie? Nope.
24. Can you skateboard? Oui, mais je ne fais pas skateboard (idk.) bien.
25. How easy is it to annoy you? Who are you. Why are you doing it. What happened before. How are you trying to annoy me.
26. How many people did you hug today? Zip, zilch, none.
27. Witness any random acts of kindness today? No, I literally was in my house the entire time/
28. What do you really want to buy? An IS lens… =w=”
29. The only place to find freedom is: Away from reality. Or death. Death is always a viable option.
30. Is your laundry basket/hamper full? No. It was washed today.