The bright green shirt. It’s pretty nice. Just took a day to get used to…well maybe only about 15 minutes. LOL.

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it for longer than 15 minutes before…but meh.

Anyways, I found myself in the states at 5pm today.

Chinese school ended at 3:30, and parents picked me up at like 3:40.

Peace Arch at around 4:05.

Border crossing at around 4:45.

Costco at 5.

BestBuy at 6.

Wal-Mart at 6:30

Bestbuy at 7:00.

Target at 7:35

Some random Buffet at 8:15

You won’t believe WHY we were in the states….

To buy an iPod Touch, 64 GB, 4th generation.

Because apparently my Grandpa (Mom’s side. All grandparents on dad side are deceased now.) wants to be ‘up-to-date’ and was about to purchase a PSP (LOLWUT). But somehow my dad talked him out of it, and agreed to give him one of my toys (PSP, DS, iTouch). So my dad comes back, and basically tells me to give my iTouch. I’m like, okay sure. Don’t really use it for much other than dictionary and temporary watch. Then he says, to replace my first gen (that we didn’t even buy, t’was a gift) we’re going to buy a new one…with 8 times the memory.

My first thought….YAY. My second though…but that’s a waste of money… e_e


We still went.

We went to Canadian stores like Bestbuy, London Drugs (Which sells them), and even the apple store that night. But most were closed, and the ones that weren’t did not have stock for 64GB. By the way, the price was 430 for a 64GB, 320 for a 32GB and 280 for a 8GB.

We go home and check out Costco’s price. It was 413. First thought, WHOA DEAL. <3

Second thought, lets check US stores.

US Costco = 350.

Thats 30 dollars away from the 32GB price.

Keep in mind that this is USD, and that the Dollar is stronger than the USD, so it is actually cheaper… e_e

Next day, we rush straight to the States after my class.

Get to Costco, ask the person where the iPods are, and they tell us

Sorry, we don’t carry iPods.


Apparently the one in Bellington doesn’t carry iPods. o_o

So we go to Bestbuy, where the price was 265 (online price).

Check the store, the price says 399.99.

Derp x2.

Go to Wal-Mart, the price is 395. Parent’s are just like “Okay fuck this, lets just buy it here…=w=”

So they ask the guy if they have 64GBs, he’s like yeah. He goes to the back to find it, 15 minutes later and tells us they don’t have stock.

My parents are really pissed now.

They start planning to go back to Bestbuy and literally go into a screaming contest to decrease their price to 365 like the web price.

First guy my mom asks tells us they don’t stock iPods. (later found out my mom said iPad, not iPod Touch)

Obviously they did, they had about 40+ sitting in the shelves. =w=”

Asked another guy, he said they had some.

They told him about the web price. He checked.

Then sold it to us for 365.

My parents were eccentric. Happy they still got a deal (including tax and all that fancy-smancy stuff with tax rebates), our (…they -> our. grammar. =w=” ) minds were mucky and went ahead with the sellers advice to buy a case for 25$.

For your information, 30 was the money saved from buying it in the States compared to in Canada (mom would use company’s name to collect tax back…) and 27 of that was spent on a case.

I must say, that was quite a ‘Derp’ moment when we realized we didn’t really save anything, but just spent a lot on a case.

But anyways, it was fun.

Though I’m pretty sure an iTouch 5G will be out by December…

Oh and Elsword is a fun game. <3