I’m scared.
REALLLY scared.

I really, really do want to get in.

And face the 3 textbooks,grueling exams, and Nakamoto.

I don’t mind, I don’t mind.

Actually, I think I prefer it.

Over the second choice.

The second choice being SL.

If I wanted to take SL, I would’ve taken it this year, and not wasted a year.

I would’ve not have to take 11 normal and be stuck with the slackers&haters.

I would’ve been one year ahead. Like before.

Not have to stop and restart, just go, go, go.

I even changed from SL to 11e for this. So I could go to HL.

Then had 11E  delayed because of accounting.


My course selection is totally bullshit.

I won’t be surprised to see me not getting the courses I want.