“In order to resume playing the game, press RESUME. In order to quit the game, press QUIT.”

Life aint a game. And you certainly can’t pause it either.

Life isn’t a game where you can pause it, and expect to come back a month or 2 later with everything the same as you left it.

In life, when you ‘pause’ it. It doesn’t actually pause. The only thing that has paused is your connection with the person/thing you initiated the pause with. Though in most cases, the pause was decided by one person, not a consensus of both people.

When you do pause, life still goes on. Whether or not you want it to, people will still continue to live, experience and evolve. There is no use helping it.

When you come back, don’t expect it to be fully functional, with everything just as you left it.

If you leave me be, I’m not going to sit tight and wait for you to come back. I’m going to go outside, have fun and completely forget about before. So when you come back, don’t expect me to be there, waiting for you. Because I won’t.

Then don’t ask me:

What happened? What did I do? What changed?

It’s obvious you see.

I’m not a resource.

I won’t be there whenever you need me. Hell, I probably won’t be there even if you don’t need me. I probably won’t even be there, period.


Actually, throughout writing this, I have no idea how I feel about this topic. It just feels…as if nothing happened. I can’t think of a reason, feel a reason or see one.

It’s just…not there.

It’s most likely something to do with “past-me”, and not really anything to do with you.